Food and Chemicals

  • Since the establishment of the company, we have imported  varieties types of ISO certified food additives imported from various countries, all of which are recognized and approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Myanmar.
  • Rainbow Milk Powder is manufactured under Lucky Chance Industrial and Production Co., Ltd since 2003 but, distributed and sold under Fu Xing Brothers Co., Ltd
  • Here are all the food and chemical products we distribute and sell:
    • Dairy products, sweeteners, yeast products, starch and starch sugars, sugar alcohols, special oils and fats for the food industry, acidity regulators, preservatives, leavening agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, anti-coagulants, antioxidants, flavorings, food flavors, water retention agents, bleach, yuan Ming powder, etc.
    • Furthermore, we have exclusive distributorship and exclusive agency from some brands of these products.
      • They are: Angel Yeast and series of baking ingredients,  Eagle Yeast, Jin cheng, Jin tian, Rainbow Sodium Cyclamate, Ensign Citric Acid, Two Butterfly Milk Powder,  Xinghua Sodium Saccharin, Lihua, Xingmao, Xiwang, Yuhua, Jinhe, Qilin, Xinhe, Tenglong, Wanglong, Wenhui, Yulong, Amanda, Palmia Butter oil, etc…

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