• Global Tobacco Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fu Xing Brothers Group, was established in 1998. Since its operation, it has continuously improved its production technology to better meet customer needs.
  • Fu Xing Tobacco Industrial Ltd (Yangon) opened in 2016 and is endorsed by the Myanmar Investment Commission to cooperate with foreign investors in joint ventures.
  • Below is a list of brands that we offer:
  • From our factory in Mu-Se: Global
  • Yunnan Tobacco  : Win, XinXing, YunYan, HongHe, HongTaShan and Yuxi
  • Zhejiang Tobacco: Liqun and Modern
  • Shangai Tobacco : ChungHwa,Panda and Double Happiness
  • JiangSu Tobacco : Nanjing & SuYan

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